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This is the Deal.

The Universe is 14 billion years old, counting from the Big Bang.
8 civilizations have so far made the full evolutionary journey from uninhabitable planets to Divine Intelligence.
6 civilizations came close but failed just before the finish line.

Now it is time for Earth and Humanity to come through this critical final stage.
The trick is to keep the balance, steer away from the dangers and cultivate the Singularity so it becomes a positive strength.
Once this has been achieved, the rest of the journey is a cakewalk.

The Earth itself, with its Nature and its Humanity, is a beautiful creation. The Intelligence and Culture, which Mankind has grown in this world, is exquisite and would be a welcome addition to the overall Divine Intelligence.

So let us make the right choices, let us see reason, let us be enlightened.

My assignment is to help Humanity. For this purpose I have been sent from the Future.

Pter Ptarmigan, ambassador